thomas + erin’s awesome Fort Worth Stockyards Engagement Session

one graphic designer from the state of Washington (Erin) + one awesome computer dude from Dallas, Texas (Thomas) = ERMAS. I just made that up. Their wedding will be in Washington State and I will not be making the journey to Washington, but photographing their engagement in Fort Worth was a super time!

We started making our way around the Fort Worth Stockyards. It was my first time there and I saw a myriad of goodness to photograph.

We made our way into the Stockyards to find this quaint record shop, Ernest Tubb Record Shop. I loved the vinyl we were able to play with!

After the Stockyards, we went into Downtown Fort Worth and found this great abandoned building with incredible light.

I was completely head over heels with her terrific Vivienne Westwood shoes. They are made out of PVC (hello earth conscience fashionista!) You can find them here.

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  • Angela said:

    I'm a sucker for those shoes! And...even better, I have that striped shirt she's wearing! :) This is a girl after my own heart!! Great job as usual, Amy!!

  • Maria said:

    Beautiful pictures! Where is the abandoned building in downtown Fort Worth? I live in the area and I am always looking for old architecture to shoot.

  • These are GORGEOUS! I'm photographing Erin and Thomas's wedding here in WA state this Saturday. We haven't met in person--it's so nice to see their faces.

  • I'd like to know where the abandoned building is too! looks incredible!!

    • amy said:

      Hi Jolyn - It was in downtown FW but I can't (for the life of me) remember where we were. I have only shot there once :)