sarah + chase | WEDDING IN GARLAND pt2

I am having a bit of writers block with post, but the pictures will certainly speak for themselves. This couple is fun and they made their wedding fun for everyone that was there! Sarah and Chase, part2…stay tuned for part3 :: the wedding reception is cooking for your viewing pleasure!






By the time we got set up for the ceremony, they were pronounced husband and wife. They told me the ceremony would be short and sweet and they were serious! I was given the heads-up there was going to be a spectacular recessional to Chris Brown’s song, Forever and there was! I am so glad I watched that episode of The Office when Jim and Pam had their wedding, I did my homework and I was ready 😉 You know your Grandparent’s are cool when they do it too!


  • Jennifer Taylor said:

    Love the shot of the Grans!! Very cute~