kiley + matthew | WEDDING pt3

You met kiley + matthew a few posts back (part1 & part2) now let’s get this party started!

So You Think You Can Dance? It really is not every day I get to witness break-dancing at a wedding reception and these awesome details! So much thought went into this gorgeous wedding. Just check out these cakes! Kiley surprised Matthew with a cake that reminded him a little of “Home”! They had a photobooth and yes, we did partake, but you wont see that one hit the blog ;). For the first dance, traditional was not their style and they started boogieing right away. Just for future reference, generally the people with the point-and-shoot cameras at your wedding flashing their cameras while we are taking your picture is a bad thing, but I am digging the shot John caught of them during their first dance with the random flash in the background. Thanks random guest with the perfect timing to make that awesome shot! The girls delivered a hilarious speech. Everyone was hysterically laughing, “Butta-who?”. You guys really know how to throw a party! A huge thank you to John Livas for shooting with me! Enjoy this set of images and as always, leave some blog love….I would love to hear from you!

Congratulations Kiley + Matthew!

















  • That looks like a suuuuper fun wedding. You did a great job capturing all the fun!

  • Love me some mad dancing skills! :) But love that ring shot even more. Just beautiful!

  • the picture with that guy pointing his fingers cracks me up!

  • Love all the yummy details! You knocked it out of the park! ;-)

  • Gorgeous ring shot, and I just love those breakdancing shots, especially the one with the guy looking straight at the camera :)

  • oh yeah NOW I remember that ring shot it's greatness! ooohhhh but wait till you break out the one that you got yesterday at the DMA. LOVED THAT ONE!! Can't wait to see it big.