megan + jared | WEDDING pt2

let’s get megan + jared married now….(pt ONE was on the blog just a little bit ago). the ceremony location was a historic landmark in Waxahachie, Texas – Bethel Methodist Church and this Church was beautiful. I just love it when my couples get married in older venues, the history is so strong you can smell it when you walk into the room (not a bad smell, a history smell – sounds bad, smells good!). The one not so fun thing about older venues in Texas Summers, is the lack of super-modern conveinences (AIR CONDITIONING!). this Church did have air conditioning, but it was certainly not built with it. megan + jared thought ahead on this one, not only did they have the gorgeous stained glass windows cracked for a bit of a breeze through, but they also had their programs for the ceremony printed on fans! How cute is that??? lastly, funniest Pastor yet! I walked in to talk with him before the ceremony and he was digging into a package of breath strips, it was so cute because the colors all went so well together, AND HE HAD FRESH BREATH TO BOOT! I talked to him for a few minutes and reminded him to smile during the kiss because he would be in the photos… be the judge if he paid attention to this tip 🙂

we will be partying next with megan + jared, so dont change that dial! For you twitter followers, this is the firetruck wedding 🙂 images posting soon!!!